Ecuador Kayaking

Read about our community service with World Class Kayak Academy and the COFANES community of the Aguarico River:

We have it all when we talk about rivers and whitewater, the high concentration of rivers in such a small area with the extreme geography and amazing geology makes of Ecuador one of the top 5 world's best whitewater kayaking destinations.  Everyone has fun here from beginners to pro's, you decide how much fun and how big you want to go. In general you will find continuous whitewater, pristine, clean, round boulder gardens with endless fun and boofs. There are so many rivers to choose from once you are down here it's just amazing and all depends on the amount of precipitation.  We are usually more concerned about having too much water!! 

The Andes split the country in 3 main regions, Costa Sierra and Oriente this last one being the on the East slopes of the massive mountain range are the headwaters of the Amazonas river the biggest volume river in the world, all this water coming down from the Andes are part of our playgrounds and the best and closest place for any kayaker that come to visit Ecuador.

The Coastal side starts running in FEBRUARY and provides with some world class kayaking for all styles of boating. Water quality is not that good but if you stay on the upper runs you can have a great time.
Kayaking goes year around but a most kayakers visit Ecuador between Oct-March, the amounts of precipitation are variable but there is always kayaking.
 The Quijos Valley keeps good water levels for most of the year and is the most popular hub for whitewater kayakers in Ecuador.  Tena is only 2 hours away south east  dropping into the tropical jungle to 1500 feet (600m) where water is warm and weather is HOT. 
Baños has a lot of good steep creeking, big volume and remote runs, and also delivers a very rowdy party scene.

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South Fork of the Salmon and the Gold Mining

whitewater of the South Fork Salmon river idaho kayaking .JPG

Little we knew about the threats upstream on this “ pristine” masterpiece of nature, I felt very priviledged to paddle this river along with another 10 first timers. Is a big concern to think that even in a country like the USA we can still loose rivers to gold mining.