Help us share the love for kayaking with the ones that most will benefit from it, join us on this adventures visiting communities along different rivers and experience Ecuador in a different way. A true cultural experience. Send us a message and find out more about our missions.
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Grow the sport of kayaking in Ecuador among the communities that live along the rivers .


Our Mission

We love kayaking more than anything so we want to share it with everyone, making kayaking easy for everyone is our mission. Providing the best experience possible and helping everyone having the best time while down here is our priority.

We focus on growing the sport of Kayaking in Ecuador. We help kids with talent to get started, they will become ambassadors for the sport and the lifestyle all over the country, we need eyes on the rivers and the support of the local community is much necessary.

Throughout different missions we’ve accomplished to work with different indigenous tribes like the Quichua or Quechua, Cofanes, Siona and Shuar. Learn more @

Our mission is to give the communities that live along the rivers the experience of kayaking on their own river, is been the most rewarding experiences we can achieve with our missions. Providing information and opening doors to new opportunities with developing of tourism activities and programs is part of our mission statement and look forward to pursuit this ideas as we need to give them a better option than mining or working for hydropower projects that will take away their territories and the beauty of this ecosystems they live in .